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Computer Tech Support

Is your desktop workstation booting properly?

If not, get technical support to fix problems. Potentially unwanted viruses can slow down computer speed and your personal files can easily get compromised. It is important to find the reason for errors and remove them from your computer as early as possible. To fix your computer errors, call us. Our technicians can provide remote support to resolve your computer errors. You can start a telephonic discussion with one of our technician by dialing our toll number. 

TechWhizz LLC technicians can provide remote help for removing errors with specific applications. We can check for virus contaminated files on your computer to resolve firewall related issues. We endeavor to fix several computer related issues.

  •     Tech help for repairing machine blunders
  •     Uninstalling out dated programs from machine
  •     Using diagnostic tool to fix booting errors
  •     Help to remove system logs produced by machine errors
  •     Give support for troubleshooting system errors

TechWhizz LLC technician can help you to kill all computer errors. We can likewise offer remote technical support for erasing infections, installing drivers, setting-up wireless remote, updating preloaded software and support for configuring individual settings.

Some of the ways by which we can optimize our PC are:-

  • Delete the programs you don't use

    When you buy a new PC many a times it comes installed with many software and programs which you don't use and they are only trial versions mostly. You can uninstall such programs. Also sometimes there are lying some old programs which you can uninstall if you don't need them anymore. For more guidance on how to do this step, just call at our PC Helpline Number.
  • Select the important programs only to run at start-up

    When you install a new software or program many of them set themselves to automatically start at start-up of Windows or Operating System. You can limit them as more programs start at start-up more your system will respond slowly. For more information on how to do this, call at our PC Maintenance Number.
  • Defragment your hard disk

    Disk Defragmentation makes your system work faster. Hence do it regularly. For more information on how to do this, just call at ourPC Optimisation Number.
  • Clean up You hard disk

    Using Disk Clean up remove the temporary files, recycle bin files and other unwanted files from your system. It will make your system works faster. For more information, call at our PC Helpline Number.
  • Check for Spywares and viruses

    Check your system regularly for any viruses and spywares which can make your system run or respond slowly.

In such cases all you need to do is get in touch with PC experts at TechWhizz LLC . Explain your situation and our expert will take control of your desktop remotely, analyze your system thoroughly and take action to optimize performance for speed. If it is infected with viruses or Trojans, these are removed automatically. If any software or program is corrupted, it will be repaired. The expert also fine tunes hardware and software for fast performance. At the same time our expert checks for security and safety and updates your system to be fully secured against malware, spyware, adware and viruses by installing an effective program like Kaspersky antivirus. This is accompanied with friendly guidance and useful tips on how to stay safe while surfing and on use of your PC to always keep it running at speed. We guarantee 100% satisfaction.